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Letters From our Valued Customers!

From: Bink Shapiro

 Saturday, January 30, 2010

To: Aqua Sun International


Responder S Solar Water Purification


Hello Greg!

Thanks for checking in! Things are going great! Actually, I

meant to write you yesterday because my sister gave me some

cool news about the Responder S systems... To say the least, it

was a huge hit!

Apparently there is an island just off Haiti where people were

stranded with no water and they weren't sure how to solve this

problem, as the water systems they had on the grounds (in Port

au Prince, Haiti) all needed a generator to run and it wasn't

possible for them to reach the island. However, that problem was solved when your system showed up.

My sister called the day before yesterday to tell me that

they were bringing it over on a boat that day and that someone would be going around the entire island distributing water until they can come up with a more permanent solution... Pretty incredible! You did such a

great thing that is helping so many people in Haiti.


Greg. Thank you.

Bink Shapiro

SGT Irwin, Christopher

Humanitarian Assistance NCO

A Co. 445th Civil Affairs

COB Adder, Tallil Air Base IRAQ

July 21, 2009


After all our tests, our main focus will be to provide these units

to schools or small villages. We’ll be in contact with the DG of

Water for each of the 3 provinces to see what areas are in

desperate need of clean water.

Our CA teams will then deliver, set up the units, and provide

over 2 years of filter replacements for them. Each one of these

units is capable of providing 3‐5 gallons of clean water per minute.

The solar power will provide enough power for 2‐3 hrs of constant

operation with 2 charges per day. That’s an output of approx.

1000+ gallons per day. Over the span of at least 2 years, these

units will provide well over a total of 500,000 gallons of clean

water. No longer will the Iraqis have to drink dirty water that could

potentially be disease infested Also in certain places the Iraqis will

no longer have to pay for water now that they can use this unit to

pump from a well or river.

The people of Iraq will continue to be greatly appreciative of the

efforts we put into improving their country.

Colorado River Rafting

Spring 1996

To Greg Hanson


Western River Expeditions has used 8 of the Aqua Sun PWP-C water filters for over three years. The filters have been used under every adverse condition that can happen in the Grand Canyon. They continue to perform with very little maintenance. The Coconino, Arizona County Health Department has determined that

this system is the most affective system in use on the Colorado River to date. I highly recommend this system above any other that Western River has ever used.


Sincerely Mr. C Hansen,

Area Manager, Grand Canyon

To: Greg Hanson

 Friday, September 03, 2004

Aqua Sun Water SWP-S3 Kenya Purifier Pictures


Dear Greg,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner after the trip to

Kenya. We had an extremely successful trip, treating over 5,000

people with donated medicines, as well as ministering the

gospel. The water treatment system worked like a dream and

the folks could not stop thanking us. It was explained to us that

in the prior year, a number of children in the area died from water-born

diseases, so the residents were extremely thankful. As soon as

the first cup of crystal clear water came out, a large cry arose

and people came running with empty containers. Not only will

lives be saved, but the quality of life will be vastly improved by

eliminating one of the major sources of disease. The water

treatment system was installed at a local church and will be used to provide fresh water to the church, school and the local community.

On behalf of True Vine Christian Center and their International Missions Group - Operation Joseph, we thank you for all of your help.

May God continue to bless and protect you and the rest of the

Aqua Sun Team, as the wonderful tools that's he's blessed

you with the creativity to craft are used to express His love in

a tangible manner.


Kind Regards,

Richard Sherriffe

To: Aqua Sun International

 Monday, July 13, 2009




Here is the story for the water purification unit donation to BOLIVIA!

 Just so you know, because of limited water purification resources in Bolivia, it is

still serving as a small community water purification resource -- daily

use. You can see it by logging onto the clean water foundation's web site.

Leon McLaughlin is in the video with NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams with footage using your systems.




















Your equipment is Impressive. I was there and drank from your system. No problems!


Thanks again. Blessings,

Dean Salisbury

Associate Director, Global Supply Chain Management

World Vision International


Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

From: Morton, Dave

To: Aqua Sun International

 Tuesday, October 29, 2002



Hey Greg (and everyone at Aqua Sun), I just wanted to let you know I pulled out the old PWP-C three weeks ago for our annual elk/deer hunt. I’ll tell you…this is one of our most valued and prized pieces of equipment. It works GREAT once again. I just wanted to pass my thanks to you for supplying me with a product that means the difference between life and death in the Colorado Rockies. We couldn’t do it HALF as good as without my Responder S.



Thanks again! Dave,

David A. Morton Lead Principal Engineer

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