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Outpost® S12-4


Filtration and Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Portable Solar / 12 volt Powered

Water Purification System for Remote Applications


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Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water from most any Creeks, Rivers, Lakes or Fresh Water Sources


• Solar / Battery Powered;  Main power of operation

• 12- volt Vehicle or Generator Operation;  Auxiliary

• Uses Existing Water Pressure; Up to 12 gallons / 44 liters per minute. 720 gallons / 2,664 liters per 1 hour. DoH

• 8000 gallons / 29,000 liters per 11 hour  Solar Day

• Up to 17,000 gallons / 64,000 liters per 24 hour day on  Solar, Auxiliary or Grid Power

• Existing On Board, Solar / Battery Powered Water Pump, 5 gpm / 18 liters x 60 = 300 gallons  / 1,110 liters per hour 1,000 gallons / 3,700 liters per day max . DoH

• Optional Surface or Submersible Solar Water Pumps; 12 gpm max. Solar Pumps can be supplied by Aqua Sun

• Carbon Filtration filtered down to a 0.5 micron

• Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System;

• Lamp Out Circuit; UV Lamp out, System will not flow

• Water Sources include Streams, Rivers & Lakes or most any fresh water source. Water Tanks and City Water

• Inlet & Outlet Standard ¾ Garden Hose for easy connect  • Easy, 15 minute Set-Up; Instant Production

• Easy to Transport; 8 Handle Grips for easy lifting

• Rugged / 3 – Wheeled; Light Weight Aluminum Frame with 8 Handle Grips for easy lifting into back of vehicles

• No Flat Tires; Rugged and reliable in any terrain

• 3rd Wheel for easy steering, life time of service

• Portable / Mobile; approx, 300 lbs.


Options not included. Order Separately

• Outpost Chlorinator; for added water protection residual

• Surface or Submersible Solar Pumps

• Optional AC to DC Power Supplies

• Water Tanks; Open, Bladder, Onion Water Tanks 1 – 20K

• 4 - Faucet Pressurized Filling Station for  automatic operation and steady water flow

• Replacement Parts Kits, approx 600,000 gallons / 2,220.000 liters of water production

• System Over All Life Expectancy: 20+ years


Aqua Sun International has manufactured the Outpost S System since 1998. This Portable, Multi - Powered Water Purification System is for Remote Applications. The system has the capabilities of producing cleaner and safer drinking water from almost any creek, stream, pond, well, lake or most any fresh water source at a maximum volume production rate of approximately 300 gallons / 1110 liters per hour where water purification is impractical or unattainable. The approximate daily water production from the Outpost S relies on the 2 different electrical power sources, Solar / Battery or the Auxiliary 12 volt DC. This system can operate from a 120 volt AC or 220 volt 50 Hz Power Source using an extra piece of equipment not included as standard. This system has an on board solar water pump that can be turned on when water is needed to be pulled from a source such as a creek or lake and produce approx 1000 gallons / 3,700 liters per day or turned off when water pressure is present and the system can then produce up to approx 12 gallons / 44 liters per minute for approx 10 hours.


• This system is able to completely operate as a independent stand alone system without the need of an outside electrical power source. This portable water treatment system uses a solar electrical producing panel attached to the top of the frame and a 12 volt deep cycle battery where it can produce approximately 1,000 gallons (3,700 liters) maximum of purified water per day as a standalone system with no help from any outside electrical power source. These water production amounts are based upon a fully charged solar / battery system.


• This system has the capabilities of using an auxiliary power source such as 12 volt power from a vehicle or generator. During this operation the system can produce approximately 300 gallons / 1110 liters in 1 hour, or 600 + gallons / 2220 + liters in 2 hours, or for continuous water purification production  5 gallons / 18 liters per minute  for however long the power source supplies 12 volt electrical power


• These Portable, Solar Battery / 12-volt Powered Water Purification Systems pull the water from the source and through a Washable / Reusable Filter, and then a  Sediment Pre-Filter. The water is then pushed through a Three Stage 0.5 micron Carbon Block Polishing Filter that has the capabilities of reducing or removing Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts Entamoeba and Toxoplasma Cysts, Schistosomiasis, Herbicides, Pesticides, (THMs), certain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), Chlorine and By-Products, Sediment, Bad Taste, Odors, Color, Smell, and many other Harmful Chemicals and Contaminants down to a 0.5 micron. The polished filtered water is then channeled past an Ultraviolet Light Disinfecting Process that has the ability to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Cholera, Infectious Jaundice, Hepatitis & Influenza Virus, E-coli, Coli form, Enteric Fever and many other unwanted microorganisms to a 99.999% purity.


Life expectancy of the Carbon Block Filter with clear incoming water is approx. 150,000 gallons (555,000 liters)   or 1 year.

The Ultraviolet Light life expectancy under normal usage is 12 to 18 months.

This System does not require a need for chemical additives to be added to the water.

Aqua Sun International reserves the right to redesign this system whenever it sees fit.

These portable water treatment systems comes in different model sizes and water production:

Outpost A : 120 volt powered operating with water treatment capabilities

at 10 gpm or 600 gallons per hour. 6000 gpd / 10+ hours max.

Responder S:  combination of solar panel & battery (provided) & 12-volt auxiliary powered

operating capabilities at 1 gpm / 100gpd.

Responder A: 12-volt auxiliary powered operation only (solar panel and battery not provided).

Purified water volume production rate is 1 gallon (3.7 liters) per minute;

up to 720+ gallons (2664+ liters) per day (up to 12+ hours per day).


The Filter and UV light manufacturers are members of the Water Quality Association.

Aqua Sun International is a registered DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CENTRAL CONTRACTOR, an




Removes river and lake water particles such as leaves, twigs, sediment and protects the sediment pre-filter from premature clogging. This filter is easily washed and cleaned when clogged. APPROXIMATE FILTER LIFE EXPECTANCY depends on how dirty incoming water is or 1 year maximum.



Removes ground water sediment and protects the carbon block filter from premature clogging. Not washable. APPROXIMATE FILTER LIFE EXPECTANCY depends on how dirty incoming water is or 1 year maximum.


Removes and reduces giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium cysts,  entamoeba and toxoplasma cysts, volatile organic chemicals "VOC's" pesticides and herbicides, turbidity reduction, sediment, color, bad taste and odors such as hydrogen sulfide "rotten egg smell" and many other microorganisms down to a 0.5 micron. This Carbon Block Filter polishes the water crystal clear for refreshing good tasting water. This filter is made entirely from FDA-compliant materials.

APPROXIMATE FILTER LIFE EXPECTANCY 150,000 gallons / 555,000 liters or one year of clear incoming water.



Clean, safe and natural UV light rays have the ability to kill the bacteria and virus to 99.999 % purity without any harmful side effects much like chemical agents normally added to drinking water. The ultraviolet range is ideal for killing Micro-organisms such as E-coli, Coli form, Cholera, Legionnaires Disease, Hepatitis Virus, Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Infectious Jaundice, Influenza, Enteric Fever and many other unwanted Microorganisms.

APPROXIMATE UV BULB LIFE EXPECTANCY 9000 hours, or approx 12 – 18 months.


Standard Features:

• 3 – Wheel, Aluminum Frame with black powder coating paint and handle grips

• Size; approx 49" long x 26" wide x 34" tall with No Flat tires

• Standard Operating Power; Solar Electrical Producing Panel, Battery and Controls

• Auxiliary Power; 12 from vehicle or generator. Comes with 15 feet of electrical extension cord for all auxiliary power operations. 3,000 + Gallons / 11,000 Liters per day

• Output Watts;

• Ultraviolet Light only; 22 Watts / 1.89 amps per hour

• Self Priming Water Pump; 15 amps max per hour depending on head. Approx 5 gpm

• Weight Empty;   approx. 280 lbs.

• Inlet Connection; ¾ “Female Standard Hose Threaded Port / Swivel. 15 feet long

• Outlet Connections; ¾ “Male Standard Hose Threaded Ports. 10 feet long

• Rated Water Pressure;   20 PSI minimum / 65 PSI maximum

• Hoses, electrical cords and all misc. fittings included with system

• Ultraviolet Lamp Output; 16,000 / 32,000 microwatt seconds per centimeter squared and carries a Certificate of Analysis

• NSF and FDA APPROVED on filtration and water contact components

• Filter and UV Replacement Parts Filter Kits at a discounted available



• 220 volt 50 Hz to 120 volt  Power Inverters for International AC Operation

• U.S. Voltage; 120 volt to 12 volt converter

• Pressurized Filling Station; Four Person Pressurized Filling Station with Water Flow Controls and 2 - 3 gallons  / 7 – 11 liter Water Bags for easy transportation of water.


Replacement Parts Kit: RPK

Approx. water amount produced with Replacement Parts Kit = 600,000 gallon / 2,220.000 liters


4 - Washable / Reusable Debris Filter

4 - String Wound Sediment Filters

4 - 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filters

1 - Ultraviolet Bulb



Shipping Box Size:

• Without Replacement Parts Kit;   58” long  x 42” wide x 46” tall @ 380 lbs

• With Replacement Parts Kit;    58” long  x 42” wide x 46” tall @  430 lbs



We can ship this system most anywhere in the World.

Individually or Ocean Containers.


For pricing, more information, or to place an order,

call us at (775) 783-8566 or email us at Sales@aqua-sun-intl.com



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