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Outpost Chlorinator System

Portable, Water Powered Chlorine Injector Metering Pump


The Outpost Chlorinator System is a Water Driven Pump that use water flow to drive a piston which pumps a Chlorine Concentrate into a mixing chamber where it is mixed with the water. All you need to harness the benefits of an inline water dispenser is the power of water flow to provide the momentum. Hang the Outpost Chlorinator System directly on the outlet side of the Outpost A and before the water faucet system. It is design to attach to the front part of the Outpost frame for easy setup, operation and monitoring.


The Outpost Chlorinator System injects chlorine directly into your water supply after it has gone through the purification process. Proportional mixers are used to properly mix concentrates with water. The chlorine provides a residual in the water and prevents any cross contamination after the water has been filtered and disinfected. Chlorine concentration used by the Outpost Chlorinator System is not affected by water pressure or concentrate level, which makes them very accurate. These units when required are typically used in the central distribution systems of the Aqua Sun Water Treatment Plants WTP A10-20-30 Series.


The Outpost Chlorinator System comes in its own molded resign carrying case for protection during down times and makes it easier to be transported into deployment area. All tubing and fittings for easy hook up matched up to the Outpost for easy connections. They are mounted on a safety red mounting plate that hangs off of the Outpost System securely and safely. The carrying case has its own roller wheels and a handle for easy transportation during deployment. This dent free case comes with a life time warranty and resists chemicals and helps protect from damaging the chlorinator inside.


Model Outpost Chlorinator System Specifications:

• Easy to use - just turn the water ON !

• Inlet Pipe Size: 3/4" Standard Female Hose Connection. Mates up to Outpost Outlet Pipe Size:  3/4" Standard Male Hose Connection. Mates up to Outpost Water Faucets

• Weight: 20 lbs,  Dimensions: 22’ x 18" x 10” tall

• GPM: 0.05 to 12 GPM

• Pressure: 4.3 to 85 PSI

• Ratio: 1:500 to 1:50

• Dose of CHLORINE CONCENTRATE is proportional to the flow rate and the concentration mixture.

• The end user has the option to add more or less chlorine to meet their requirements or tastes

• Dose remains precise, constant, and regular throughout the operation

• Hydraulic proportional system eliminates all risks of under or overdosing

• No direct contact with dangerous concentrates

• Operates continuously - just set it and leave it. Not Adjustable, Fixed Rate

• 40 gallon Outpost, Mixing Bladder for Chlorinator Pump to pull from. Stores inside case.

• Easy chemical and water filling connections combined with air intake for easy pump suction


Unit includes: Pelican Case with Solid Fill Foam Inside for Ultimate Protection of all components. Aluminum Backing Plate that easily mounts on Outpost Frame for easy monitoring.

 Screw On Hose Connections. 40 gallon mixing Bladder / Water Pillow.

Easily Mates up with Outpost with the correct Brass Inlet and Outlet Hose connections.

Operating Manual.  All components store inside the case for protection. The Outpost Chlorinator System provides a simple and effective way to add a residual disinfection to your purified water. Used after water treatment by the Responder, Outpost, Villager or most any Aqua Sun Systems. Continued disinfection may be required for long term storage or regulation compliance. All Chemicals used for the process are to be purchased by end user. Aqua Sun does not sell any chemicals


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