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Aqua Tender A-20

Filtration and Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Trailer Enclosed, Fresh Water Treatment System

20 gallons / 74 Liters per Minute

   Made in Nevada, USA


• Freshwater Only

• Turn - Key System / Built-in Flexibility

• AC / Generator or Grid Powered   110 or 220 volt

• 20 gallons  (74 liters) per minute / approx   DoH

• 1,200 gallons (4,440 liters) per hour / approx   DoH

• Run Time = 12+ Hours per Day = approximately 14,400 gallons / 53,280 liters per day / approx DoH

• Easy, 30-minute Set-Up: Instant Production

• Rugged / Reliable: Easy to Operate

• UV Disinfecting System with Automatic Lamp Out Circuit  (LOC) Certified by NSF/ANSI 55 CLASS A

• Multi Stage Filtration System, Back - Washable, Sediment and Carbon Media Filter System

• NSF APPROVED on  Water Filter Components • 1 – 100 ft long Water Pump to Water Tank Transfer Hose

• 1 – 500 gallon / 1,850 liter Portable Water Tank

• 1 – Tank Transfer Pumps to Water Treatment System

• 1 -  50 ft long Transfer Outlet  Hoses

• 2 - External Drinking Water Faucet Station with 4 faucets each for easy filling of containers. 8 total

• Trailer Bulk Heads to outside for Hoses and Power Cords Pass Through. Trailer can be locked up-Secured

• Rated Water Pressure; 30 PSI min. / 65 PSI max.

• Pressure Tank System for maintaining water pressure in filling containers for drinking water

• Commercial Trailer for Easy Disaster Movement around City with Debris Littered Streets

• Smaller and Larger Systems available


Trailer Enclosed, Fresh Water Treatment System

Producing  approximately 20 gallons / 74 liters (DOH) per minute

from most Creeks, Lakes, Wells, Water Tanks and Fresh Water Sources


The Aqua Tender™ A-20, AC / Generator or Grid Powered Mobile Water Treatment System (Trailer Mounted) is a fresh water purification system that purifies and disinfects the water by pulling the water from an most any un-treated, fresh water sources such as rivers, lakes, wells, water tanks and most other fresh sources using its own water pumping system. These Aqua Tender Trailers are designed and built on 20 plus years of experience. A High Lift, Dual Axel Trailer with All Wheel Electric Brakes and 12 volt Breakaway Switch is standard. They are rust resistance and are the strongest aluminum trailer on the market today. They are designed for public health and emergency management deployments. Trailer size is 18 feet and has a finished off interior which includes a water resistant rubber matted non slip flooring, shelving, a wall hung caddy that helps organize your trailer's interior cleaning supplies, as well as brooms and mops. Interior lights operating AC and DC. Additional storage for spare parts, hoses and supplies is included. 2 Drop Down Corner Post Jacks for stability and leveling when parked and in operation.


The water flows from a source pump or water tanker truck into a portable / demountable water holding tank. The trailer has a pressurizing pump that pulls the water out of the water holding tank and pushes the water through a Washable, Reusable Sediment Pre- Filtration System that uses a Radically High Performance Silt, Sediment and Turbidity Media inside that filters down to a 3 micron and can last up to  5 years of daily use before it needs changing or  upon water quality.  It requires a simple automatic backwash cycle to clean itself after most every use depending upon water quality. This system has the capabilities of removing the visual debris, sand, grit and other harmful matter out of the water.


The water then flows through a high powered, self cleaning Ultraviolet / UV Disinfecting Light System. This Ultraviolet Light System is one of the Most Powerful UV Disinfecting System on the market today and is Certified by NSF/ANSI 55 CLASS A range which is ideal for killing Micro-organisms such as Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium Cysts, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma Cysts, E-coli, Coliform, Cholera, Legionaires Disease, Hepatitis Virus, Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Infectious Jaundice, Influenza, Enteric Fever and many other unwanted Microorganisms up to a 99.999 per purity.


The Water Pump pushes the water into Pressure Tanks for a Pressurized System and then outside the trailer for use by an 2 External Drinking Water 4 Faucet Stations. This Station has 4 Faucets for easy filling of containers and Custom Made Reusable FDA Water Containers / Jugs.  2-3 gallons











• Aqua Sun International has been manufacturing Solar Products in the USA since 1973

• Aqua Tender™ A-20 is manufactured in Nevada, USA

• Approx 10 - 30 minute Deployment before making water

• World Wide Deployment with U.S. or International Voltages

• Delivered to your Door in the U.S.,   Worldwide shipping available

• Trailer Size approx 7 ft wide x 12 -  24 ft,  Dual Axel. With Immediate Response Time Required, no need to gather and organize additional supplies, everything is include for the operation. D-ring tie downs for safe, secure storage. Rear fold down ramp  doors, and a walk-thru side door, non slip flooring and many more extras

• 12,000 People Every Per Day can have approx. 2 gallon / 7.4 liters of cleaner and safer drinking water from most rivers, lakes, flood waters, broken water mains or from most any freshwater sources during a disaster

• AC / Generator or Grid Powered   110 or 220 volt

• Turn-key Electrical Power Systems for Operational Forward Command Post before, during and after an emergency or disaster relief operation.

• Average Truck Load of bottled water = $10,000 during a disaster.

• Approximate 6  truck loads will pay for the Aqua Tender™ A-20

• NSF CERTIFIED on all Water Components

• UL - LISTED on all Electrical Components

• Water Treatment System incorporates advanced filtration & UV light disinfection technology. Strongest UV System in the Industry

• This entire system should half a Life Expectancy of 20+ years with normal maintenance and replacement parts.



• USA Voltage

• 3 - different power sizes to choose from for Water Treatment and Electrical Power.

• Extra 2 liter Transport Water Bags available for stocking inside the trailer for use during a disaster.  500 per count

• Chlorinator Pump / option only. Customer supplies the residual in liquid form

• Perfect for a mobile command center during and after Disaster Relief Operations,  Special Order for extra room



• Designed for public health and emergency management deployments

• Inside of trailers is completely finished off interiors with safety color schemes



• Options include many colors with custom customer lettering in vinyl graphics as an extra

• We can design to your needs.




The Filter and UV light manufacturers are members of the Water Quality Association.

Aqua Sun International is a registered DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CENTRAL CONTRACTOR, an


Aqua Sun International has been manufacturing Solar Products in the USA since 1973.


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